A2 Art Storage & Services isn’t just an incredible place to store your art. We also offer a wide range of services to meet any collector’s, gallery’s, or museum’s needs. Our growing list of services include professional art packing, such as crate making and soft packing, art handling, transportation, installation, condition reports, collections management, rentable viewing rooms, conference rooms, and of course museum-grade fine art storage. 

Our art packing, transportation, and installation services are done by our contracted art handlers at Pack Horse Fine Art Services. Our expert art handlers come with over 30 years of combined art handling experience and their services include the production of a wooden crate or soft packing options that are as unique as the artwork they’re made for. Depending on the situation, we can pack a piece of art for long- and short-term storage – or if you need the artwork shipped across the city, country, or world. Our transportation services allow us to transport any piece of art anywhere in the world, in a responsible and safe way. Finally, our art handlers can install and hang nearly any work of art of any size or medium anywhere you need it to be placed and displayed.

A2 Viewing Room
One of two rentable viewing rooms at A2 Art Storage & Services

Our other miscellaneous services include condition reporting, large and bright viewing rooms, and functional conference rooms. Our expert team of registrars offer an option to perform condition reports on your artwork which are a thorough visual examination of the artwork, documenting the current status, and citing any areas of damage or concern.

The A2 Art Storage facility also has two rentable viewing rooms. This allows collectors, artists, galleries, and museums to put their art on display for either a show, special event, photoshoots, or conservation work. 

Additionally, our facility has two rentable conference rooms. We have one room that can seat two to four people and a larger room that can seat up to 23 people and is outfitted with a projector. 

All of these services beautifully supplement our already amazing facility so that we can be your one-stop-shop for all of your art storage needs.

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